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Significant Enhancements in Proactive Protection Technology Blocks Worst Types of Spyware; New User Interface Allows Consumers to "Set It and Forget It"

BOULDER, CO - November 8, 2005

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software for consumer, enterprise and SMB markets, today reset the standard for user experience with the launch of Spy Sweeper 5.0, a new version of the company’s award-winning anti-spyware software for consumers. Spy Sweeper 5.0 combines significantly advanced proactive protection against the most damaging types of spyware – including system monitors, keyloggers and rootkits – with a redesigned user interface that allows consumers to easily install Spy Sweeper and then quickly "set it and forget it."

Led by a greatly enhanced version of Spy Sweeper’s Spy Installation Shield, Webroot’s Smart Shields lineup also includes a new behavior-based Keylogger Shield, the most advanced shield ever included in an anti-spyware program. Webroot’s Keylogger Shield uses patent-pending technology to accurately identify and block all types of keyloggers with an extremely low degree of false positives. Spy Sweeper 5.0 rounds out its offering with improved behavioral-based identification and removal technologies to even more effectively detect and remove spyware that attempts to hide using randomization techniques or rootkit technology.

For the launch of Spy Sweeper 5.0, Webroot invested heavily in the company’s in-house User Experience Group, resulting in a sleek user interface design that simplifies the entire product experience with easy-to-follow instructions and clear recommendations. After a quick install, Spy Sweeper 5.0 interacts with the user only when necessary to ensure protection. Sweeps, updates and alerts are all managed with minimal required action from the user, allowing consumers to truly "set it and forget it." Advanced users can still personally configure their settings to suit their own unique system requirements.

"Since the debut of Spy Sweeper, our goal has always been to provide users with the most advanced and effective anti-spyware software. We have exceeded that goal as evidenced by close to 50 product awards, yet we are constantly reminded that providing the solution is only half the battle; customers must also enjoy a positive user experience and feel confident that Spy Sweeper is constantly protecting them from the most dangerous threats," said C. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software Inc. "With the launch of Spy Sweeper 5.0, we are now able to offer users what they want – the perfect combination of ease-of-use and proactive protection – and set a new standard for consumer anti-spyware protection."

The introduction of Webroot Spy Sweeper 5.0 is further bolstered by the launch of Phileas™ V – the next generation of Webroot’s automated spyware research system designed to proactively seek out the most malicious types of spyware and malware. Phileas debuted in January 2005 as the first automated anti-spyware research system and dramatically enhances Webroot’s anti-spyware definition database and detection capabilities. Phileas V builds upon the phenomenal success of the original system with several technical enhancements to more effectively fight the spyware plague, including a multi-tiered bot network that employs advanced research techniques, like deep packet sniffing. This and other advanced technologies ultimately improve Phileas’ ability to discover new threats more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before.

A five-time recipient of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award and winner of PC World’s Best Buy and Best of the Year Awards, Webroot Spy Sweeper has accrued an installed base of millions of users worldwide since the product’s debut in 2002. The product is backed by free premier support service that includes a 24/7/365 trouble ticket system, toll-free telephone access to a knowledgeable staff, and free product and defense updates for the duration of a Spy Sweeper subscription.

Pricing and Availability

Spy Sweeper 5.0 supports the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP Pro, XP Home and XP Media Center. A subscription is $29.95 for one year. Customers with an existing subscription are entitled to free upgrades of Spy Sweeper 5.0. Spy Sweeper is available at major retail outlets and through the company’s Web site at

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