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IronPort S–Series, Worlds Fastest Web Security Appliance Includes Unique Combination of Signatures and Traffic Analysis

SAN VRUNO, CA and BOULDER, CO - October 24, 2006

IronPort® Systems Inc., the leading Internet gateway security provider, and Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti–spyware software for the consumer, enterprise and SME markets, today announced a partnership to stop spyware at the corporate perimeter. IronPort is using the Webroot RockSafe E1000 SDK in IronPort’s new S–Series Web Security Appliances. The IronPort S–Series Web Security Appliance combines a high performance web proxy for application layer analysis with a wire–speed Layer 4 Traffic Monitor, yielding the fastest and most comprehensive protection in the industry. The Webroot SDK was built for speed and efficiency and relies on Webroot’s extensive spyware definition database to deliver the most effective perimeter anti–spyware engine available. The combination of the high performance IronPort platform and the Webroot anti–spyware software yields a product that is unmatched in its ability to stop spyware across all network ports.

"The power behind the IronPort and Webroot partnership is driven by unique and industry leading technology from both companies," said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, IronPort Systems. "IronPort’s Web Reputation System and Webroot’s anti–spyware software form a one–two punch that knocks out the broadest range of malware at extremely high speeds."

Deep Integration

IronPort and Webroot have worked very closely to deeply integrate the Webroot RockSafe E1000 software into the IronPort S–Series appliance. This means that enterprise IT managers can now deploy a single appliance that contains best of breed technology from multiple vendors, without the administrative burden of managing multiple discreet systems. Product policies and configuration are all set from a single intuitive web based administration console called "Web Security Manager". The IronPort and Webroot technologies have fully integrated and detailed reporting capabilities that identify traffic associated with malicious code, show trends and infection rates, and rapidly identify any infected hosts within the corporate network so that desktop remediation efforts can be launched.

Webroot’s Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Vinay Goel, commented, "The layered solution provided by the partnership between IronPort and Webroot combines the speed of the IronPort appliance with the effectiveness of the RockSafe anti–spyware technology giving the customer one of the most powerful perimeter solutions available today."

Industry Leading Accuracy

The IronPort and Webroot partnership has resulted in the industry’s most accurate web security appliance. This accuracy is driven by unique technology from both companies. To identify spyware and malicious code, Webroot has created the fifth generation Phileas VTM automated research system. The Phileas V system, managed by Webroot’s renowned research team, is designed to proactively seek out the most malicious forms of spyware and malware. Phileas V includes a multi–tiered bot network that employs advanced research techniques, like deep packet sniffing. This and other advanced technologies ultimately improve Phileas’ ability to discover new threats more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before. Utilizing the data culled by Phileas V, Webroot’s Threat Research Team has created a comprehensive set of network perimeter definitions that can be used to stop malicious threats before they reach the desktop. With nearly 150,000 different spyware traces addressed in this definition set, Webroot provides comprehensive protection against a broad range of threats.

IronPort’s Web Reputation System provides the first line of defense in the IronPort appliance. IronPort invented the concept of Reputation Filtering more than 4 years ago, and it has proven to be a robust and efficient first line of defense. Reputation Filters are powered by IronPort’s SenderBase Network. The SenderBase Network tracks more than 110 different network level parameters to measure the trustworthiness or reputation of every active web server on the Internet. A web server that has a steady history of reliable behavior and reasonable traffic patterns will have a positive reputation and may not require scanning. Conversely, a server that is known to be sending malicious code can be blocked without further scanning. And for new servers that have not established the trust of a well–known site a neutral reputation means they get further scanning by Webroot.

Industry Leading Performance & Accuracy

The IronPort S–Series is the world’s fastest Web Security Appliance, offering near–zero latency for even the largest enterprises with hundreds of thousands of users. This performance is achieved by IronPort’s proprietary technologies – AsyncOS operating system & Dynamic Vectoring & Streaming (DVS™) engine. IronPort has implemented the Webroot Rocksafe E100 SDK within IronPort’s DVS™ scanning engine which heavily optimizes the scanning process further driving down latency. The end result is that the IronPort S–Series is in production at many large enterprise customers with greater than 30,000 employees and shown no material degradation in the end user web experience. Independent testing has shown the IronPort S–Series to have the highest accuracy rate against Web–based malware & spyware at unmatched performance levels for a Web gateway solution.The IronPort S–Series is available now.

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