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New release of Webroot® Web Security SaaS provides real-time phishing protection, prevents users from bypassing Web filtering policies, and improves reporting capabilities

BOULDER, CO - January 28, 2009

Webroot, a leading security provider for the consumer, enterprise and SMB markets, today announced the release of a new version of Webroot® Web Security SaaS, including significant enhancements to deliver innovative, proactive anti-phishing detection; policy enforcement despite the use of proxy bypass sites; and more robust reporting capabilities. The software-as-a-service solution prevents Web-based threats by delivering proactive Web filtering protection in the cloud, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software and stopping threats before they ever reach the network.

"As the volume and complexity of Web-based attacks rapidly increase, organizations that have no protection in place or have deployed first generation solutions such as appliances and software are struggling to maintain security while already limited resources are taxed even further," said Peter Watkins, CEO of Webroot. "The new enhancements to Webroot Web Security SaaS continue to raise the bar by delivering complete, proactive protection against even the newest Web-based malware and phishing scams. Organizations are able to maintain control over their networks, free up IT resources and prevent dangerous and costly security breaches."

"IDC believes the Web will increasingly be used as the threat vector of choice by hackers and cybercriminals to distribute malware and perpetrate financial fraud and corporate espionage," said Brian Burke, Program Director of Security Products, IDC. "As compromises of popular Web sites become more common, it will no longer be sufficient for businesses to block access to only those inappropriate Web sites that often contain malicious code. Now more than ever, comprehensive and proactive Web security is a vital part of corporate protection."

"The new enhancements to Webroot Web Security SaaS improve our security and reduce the time our IT staff spends dealing with proxy bypass sites and phishing scams," said Leo Fredette, Systems Administrator, Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. "Plus, the new reporting automation feature saves administrators even more time, which is invaluable to us and all IT departments faced with shrinking resources. We’re able to easily monitor user activity and ensure our network isn’t endangered through online surfing."

Some of the new features in the latest version of Webroot Web Security SaaS are:

  • Real-Time Anti-Phishing Protection: Advanced heuristics provide complete, real-time protection against even the newest phishing sites without the need for traditional signatures or URL list-based detection techniques.
  • Dynamic Proxy Bypass Detection: Organizational Internet use policies are enforced despite user attempts to circumvent them through the use of even the newest common and custom proxy bypass sites.
  • Expanded Reporting: New reporting tools provide robust capabilities to view malware detection and user behavior across the organization, as well as options to save regularly used charts and schedule delivery of customized reports.

The latest version of Webroot Web Security SaaS is available now as a free upgrade for all existing customers in North America and the United Kingdom. Webroot Security SaaS solutions are backed by 24x7x365 web, email and phone support and include free updates for the duration of a subscription.

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