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BOULDER, CO - June 17, 2008

Webroot, a leading provider of security solutions for the consumer, enterprise and SMB markets, today announced the Webroot® E-Mail Security SaaS (Software as a Service) solution has successfully protected Stevens Aviation, a leading aviation services company, from email security threats, including the elimination of more than 100,000 daily spam messages. The service has helped Stevens Aviation increase workforce productivity, reduce costs and free up resources.

"Stevens Aviation received more than 6 million spam e-mails each month which was hindering employee productivity and crippling our systems," said Kevin Hewitt, Network Administrator, Stevens Aviation. "After implementing Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS, our systems are performing better, our users have an email system that works for them and the entire shift was seamless. They just came to work one day and the spam was gone."

Prior to deploying Webroot E-mail Security SaaS, only about seven percent of Stevens Aviation’s daily e-mails were legitimate messages. The e-mail threats usurped the company’s network bandwidth and disrupted the productivity of its 550 employees. The company’s previous filtering system was so insufficient that employees often spent up to three hours each day wading through spam to find legitimate messages in their inboxes. The former system could only process 300,000 e-mails at a time, therefore missing any spam e-mails beyond that threshold.

Stevens Aviation turned to Webroot to help solve this problem and within a matter of hours and without the need for additional hardware or software, the company was able to leverage a suite of tools to manage their email communications and stop threats such as spam and viruses. Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS allows them to quickly and easily customize the company’s message-filtering settings, gain visibility into e-mail traffic at the group and individual levels through hourly reports, and send alerts to message senders or recipients. And using the Webroot Business Continuity service, all company emails sent and received are stored offsite and made accessible in real time via an easy-to-use Web interface in the event of an outage, ensuring resources are constantly active, even when disaster hits.

"In recent research, Webroot found that less than a third of the businesses we surveyed have e-mail security policies in place," said Mike Irwin, COO, Webroot. "And yet we’re seeing malware threats transported through unwanted e-mails increasing rapidly – largely because current filtering appliances and software are ineffective against them. Companies like Stevens Aviation are moving to security SaaS solutions because they are easy-to-manage, provide better protection and superior value to that of traditional gateway security."

Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS is the first perimeter security solution introduced by Webroot to provide businesses with enterprise-class protection without the cost or management requirements. Webroot security SaaS solutions deliver better protection, lower total cost of ownership and better value than perimeter security appliances or software. All Webroot enterprise security solutions, including Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS, are available exclusively through Webroot’s channel partners. Learn more online about Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS.

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