Webroot Software Surpasses Two Million Seat Milestone | Momentum

Massive Customer Adoption and Third Party Recognition Fuel Growth of Company's Enterprise Anti-Spyware Solution, Affirm Market Leadership Position

August 16, 2005

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software and other security technologies for consumer and enterprise markets, today announced it has sold more than two million licenses of its enterprise anti-spyware solution, Spy Sweeper Enterprise in the first year of availability. Originally introduced in June of 2004, Webroot’s award-winning product represents the industry’s most mature and comprehensive anti-spyware solution created specifically to scale to enterprise needs and requirements.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise has already been deployed in more than 6,500 corporations and large institutions seeking comprehensive protection from spyware intrusions and their subsequent effects on productivity, integrity and confidentiality of data systems and networks. The product has also experienced strong growth in the channel with hundreds of reseller partners selling into verticals that include financial, government, manufacturing, healthcare and education industries.

"Recent spyware infections were creating a huge amount of extra work for our organization. After rebuilding infected machines at a rate of one or two each week, we understood that an enterprise-level anti-spyware solution was a necessity," said Irene Graff, Information Technology & Operations Manager at Montgomery Research, Inc. "We researched a number of security applications that would block, detect and remove spyware and other parasites, and the performance level of Spy Sweeper Enterprise was unmatched.

"Since its deployment, the Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise solution has made a huge impact on our workload by not only freeing up IT resources, but also increasing employee productivity across the organization," Graff continued.

In addition to widespread customer adoption and support, Spy Sweeper Enterprise has been recognized by multiple third party review labs as a best-in-class corporate anti-spyware solution.

In December 2004, the product was named the Network World Clear Choice Award winner following a review of several leading standalone enterprise anti-spyware solutions. This June, Spy Sweeper Enterprise received the Editors’ Choice award from IT Week Magazine. The product has also received global recognition with four- and five- star reviews from SC Magazine and PC Pro, respectively.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise provides IT and network security managers with a centrally managed, scalable solution that is easy to deploy and use. The solution’s proactive spyware protection, detection and removal capabilities are powered by the industry’s most advanced research methodology which has identified more than 100,000 traces of spyware and scans millions of Web sites per day in active pursuit of spyware in the wild. Spy Sweeper Enterprise offers extensive policy and provisions management features and a highly integrated architecture to adapt to any enterprise user base and integrate with legacy AV and IT security systems.

"The explosive sales growth of Spy Sweeper Enterprise demonstrates that businesses have an immediate need for a best-in-class standalone enterprise anti-spyware solution," said Mike Conner, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Webroot. "Recent events like the Sumitomo keylogger heist and the Israeli Trojan horse attacks further validate this need, and broaden the factors of a CIO’s purchasing decision to include not only addressing current productivity issues, but also mitigating future risk."

This spring, Webroot published the company’s inaugural quarterly State of Spyware report, the first comprehensive collection and analysis of consumer and enterprise spyware research.

Central to the report were results of an 18,000-company audit that showed 87 percent of corporate PCs contained some form of spyware, including system monitor and Trojan horse programs. The latest results on infection rates are tracking similarly and will be published in the next quarterly State of Spyware report due out in late August.

For those companies still evaluating the spyware threat and the solutions available to them, Webroot provides two free tools to ease the process. The Webroot Corporate Spy Audit tool enables organizations to assess the risk level their networks face from spyware infections. Additionally, the company offers a free 30-day trial of Spy Sweeper Enterprise to allow organizations to test a proven corporate anti-spyware solution while also protecting their networks from the dangers of spyware. The Corporate Spy Audit tool is located at http://www.webrootdisp.net/entaudit/start.php and the Spy Sweeper Enterprise trial download is currently available at http://www.webroot.com/forms/enterprise_lead.php.

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