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Elementary, Secondary and Collegiate Institutions Deploy Spy Sweeper Enterprise to Protect Educational Computing Environments

BOULDER, CO - June 28, 2005

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software and other security technologies for consumer and enterprise markets, today announced continued rapid sales growth in its enterprise business, highlighting significant traction in the education market. Since its introduction in June 2004, Spy Sweeper Enterprise has been deployed at more than 300 educational institutions representing more than 650,000 individual licenses.

Since January of this year, the state of Ohio alone has deployed Spy Sweeper Enterprise within 142 primary and secondary schools to protect nearly 90,000 desktop systems. The selection of the Webroot solution was the result of an eight-month evaluation period in which Spy Sweeper Enterprise's central management, seamless and scalable deployment, and superior remediation capabilities made the solution the school system's top choice.

"We have deployed Spy Sweeper Enterprise across approximately 8,000 desktops to protect student-identifiable information and eliminate the system overhead spyware adds to computers and networks," said Duane Baker, CTO of the Northern Buckeye Education Council. "The implementation of Spy Sweeper has been an overwhelming success. The school districts we serve appreciate the additional security that it provides them, and our technical staff has seen a marked reduction in service calls due to spyware infection."

Spy Sweeper Enterprise has also seen significant traction at the collegiate level. Institutions of higher learning are typically exposed to higher threat levels due to several factors including the growing number of laptops brought onto the network by students and faculty, as well as the presence of student computing labs and liberal Internet surfing freedoms as compared to the locked down environments of primary and secondary school networks. Consequently, a large number of universities have also begun to deploy Spy Sweeper Enterprise to protect their networks and the students and faculty therein from the evils of spyware.

"Spy Sweeper Enterprise's ability to find, eliminate and protect against even the most devious spyware programs, combined with the ease of rapid deployment across the network have unburdened valuable IT resources and increased productivity," said Ed Bailey, director of information technology for the University of Florida's nationally Top Ten ranked Department of Materials Science and Engineering. "Webroot's powerful central management toolset has allowed us to do in one hour what until recently would have required more than one hundred man hours of individual desktop inspections."

Spy Sweeper Enterprise's central management, scalability and ease of deployment and use perfectly align with the special needs of school IT environments which must rely on much smaller IT support staffs as compared to the private sector. The solution can be deployed across a school network in a matter of hours by a lone IT administrator from a central console. This translates to immediate detection and eradication of any existing spyware and provides updated real-time protection for individual desktops. It offers extensive policy and provisions management features and a highly integrated architecture, making Spy Sweeper Enterprise an essential security component for schools with large install bases with varying information access levels among its users.

The educational system's reliance on computers to manage confidential student information including transcripts and student profiles, while at the same time maintaining the security of testing materials and course curricula demonstrate why securing these networks from spyware is paramount. Equally important is the protection of faculty and staff payroll information, departmental budgets, fundraising and alumni information which reside on the network.

In addition to ensuring data security, it is essential to ensure performance integrity of educational networks by eradicating and protection against spyware programs which can overtax IT systems and support staff and rob bandwidth resources.

"Due to the sensitive nature of the data that resides on educational institutional networks and the need to keep those networks up and running, the emergence of spyware has become a major security and performance concern for the education system in America," said David Moll, CEO of Webroot. "Today, Spy Sweeper Enterprise is ensuring that our schools and universities have the most affordable access to industry-leading protection against this new threat."

Special discount pricing on Spy Sweeper Enterprise is available to all qualifying educational institutions. And for those still evaluating the spyware threat and the solutions available to them, Webroot provides two free tools to ease the process. The Webroot Corporate Spy Audit tool enables organizations to assess the risk level their networks face from spyware infections. Additionally, the company offers a free 30-day trial of Spy Sweeper Enterprise to allow organizations to test a proven corporate anti-spyware solution while also protecting their networks from the dangers of spyware. The Corporate Spy Audit tool is located at http://www.webrootdisp.net/entaudit/start.php.

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