Webroot Delivers Identity Protection Update to Mac Virus Protection Solution

Cloud-based Protection Enables Mac Users to Easily Sync and Access Personal Information Between Operating Systems, Platforms and Mobile Devices

Broomfield, CO - March 19, 2013

Webroot, a leader in cloud-based security intelligence solutions, today announced a major Mac update to Webroot® SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus and Complete products, adding password management via MyPasswords and system analyzer features. Webroot's cloud-based MyPasswords feature enables Mac users to easily sync, store and access their encrypted usernames, passwords and credit card numbers between their Windows PC, Mac, Android and Apple iOS platforms. Users that take advantage of the new Mac update will experience more advanced online identity protection as well as easily monitor the status of their Mac systems.

Mac users have long been relatively safe from online threats. However, recent Mac-focused malware attacks and cloud-based threats have made securing the Mac platform more important than ever. In addition, browser-based attacks such as phishing and other malicious websites put consumers at risk regardless of whether they are using a Windows PC, Mac or mobile device. The MacDefender and DNSChanger attacks of 2011, and the more widespread Flashback Trojan of 2012, have shown the Mac platform is being targeted more aggressively as the number of users has increased. Furthermore, web-based threats that are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated such as phishing and other malicious sites are operating system agnostic.

Webroot SecureAnywhere provides the protection needed against malware and identity theft regardless of how or where users are connected. Since Webroot protection is cloud-based, it is always up to date on all devices, enabling users to seamlessly sync and access personal information such as passwords wherever they need them.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mac feature enhancements include:

  • MyPasswords: Encrypts passwords and automatically logs users into favorite sites without the need to remember multiple passwords.
  • System Analyzer: Provides a quick, convenient status of the computer system environment, covering OS, hardware and software information. Enables users to spot potential risks before they become problems.

"For years, Mac users have felt impervious to online security risks and viruses, hacks and other kinds of threats have been viewed as a Windows-only problem," said Patrick Kennedy, Vice President of Product Marketing & Sales Enablement at Webroot. "While the Mac platform has not been targeted as aggressively as Windows, recent trends have increased the need for security on Mac OS devices. As a result, consumers are just as much at risk of being tricked into having their identities stolen regardless of whether they are using a Mac or Windows PC."

The Webroot SecureAnywhere Mac update for Internet Security Plus and Complete product is available now for existing and new users to download and deploy. For more information visit webroot.com/home/products/compare.

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