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New Webroot® E-Mail Security SaaS Makes Enterprise-Class Security Affordable and Manageable

LONDON, UK - January 15, 2008

Webroot, a leading security provider for the consumer, enterprise and SMB markets, today announced the release of Webroot® E-Mail Security SaaS (Software as a Service). Targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses that want easier to manage perimeter security, Webroot’s new security SaaS solution delivers better protection, lower total cost of ownership and better value than perimeter security appliances or software.

"At enterprise class levels security and security management is difficult and complex and therefore often unfulfilled. This is especially true in SMBs with limited security resources. SaaS solutions re-define perimeter security by eliminating the pain and cost of hardware and software management," said Mike Irwin, COO, Webroot. "With better manageability, better protection and overall better value, our SMB customers can now focus on their mission-critical projects while we provide them with enterprise-class security 24x7x365."

Webroot E-mail Security SaaS is the result of Webroot’s November 2007 merger with Email Systems, a leading SaaS security provider in the UK. Email Systems, now Webroot, protects more than 1,500 businesses and 2.5 million email boxes worldwide with this award-winning e-mail management, protection and compliance solution. When integrated with Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition with AntiVirus end-point protection, companies can now have a multi-layered approach to security that provides a powerful and more effective alternative to the traditional hardware or software based perimeter solutions. Unlike appliances or software-based perimeter security, Webroot’s e-mail security service is never out of date and uses up to five different antivirus and two different spam filtering engines.

"As a lead management company, Qgenisys helps clients improve their sales leads and show a return on their marketing investments. But we’re not security experts. That’s why we chose Webroot’s e-mail security service," said Peter Kowalchuk, President, Qgenisys, Inc. "With Webroot’s service, we stop email spam, offensive content and viruses before they get to our network. And, we never have to worry about our security being up to date. The experts at Webroot take care of it all for us while providing more user-friendly interfaces and reports. And they do all of this at a significant cost saving compared to our former service providers."

Webroot E-mail Security SaaS resides outside an organization’s network, requiring no additional hardware, software, or personnel resources to manage daily security operations. This powerful, flexible offering includes dynamic virus and spam filters to protect against 98 percent of e-mail spam and 100 percent of known viruses. Additionally, Webroot’s content filtering and data archiving capabilities prevent against data loss and help to fulfill compliance and data storage requirements. Webroot also guarantees a 99.999 percent service availability to ensure that customers have access to a secure e-mail communications environment.

"Webroot is easy to work with and has great channel ethics, consistently aligning with our founding principle of providing customers the best of breed services that address their ever-changing IT requirements," said Bob Stevens, CEO, Blended Systems. "We are excited about increasing our solution offerings and revenue opportunities with Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS. Offering greater security protection, more function and more service options make it a compelling offering to our customers."

Webroot E-mail Security SaaS Features

Antivirus: The core antivirus solution comprises five best of breed identity-based engines and employs Zero hour and heuristic filters to seek out and block new infections while blocking 100 percent of known viruses.

Anti-spam and Anti-phishing: Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS offers seven different levels of spam detection to catch 98 percent of all spam. Its connection management and integration of multiple filters block spam and phishing e-mails with the lowest possible rate of false positives.

Encryption: The Managed Encryption Service provides an open standard encryption mechanism with no hardware or software purchase or maintenance required. It is provided through Transport Layer Security (TLS), a transparent mechanism for encrypting data on a peer-to-peer basis. Webroot also offers desk-to-desk e-mail encryption via public and private keys for an added layer of security.

Content Control: The content control management suite offers a powerful, customizable rules engine, which facilitates both content and event-based e-mail management while providing highly sensitive levels of control regarding inbound and outbound e-mail traffic. This feature allows users to control where messages are sent and how they should be filtered based on specified criteria. Rules can also be set for a number of different situations, either as an individual occurrence or as a combination of complex business events.

Image Filtering: When images are scanned through the Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS image filter, their dataflow (shape, color, texture, etc.) is converted into a digital signature, which is then compared against known pornographic images. If the image is similar to those blacklisted images, the e-mail content is either deleted or quarantined.

Business Continuity: The business continuity solution provided through Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS provides "always available" capabilities, ensuring that off-site resources are constantly active during normal operation as well as when disaster hits. The service enables 28 days of inbound and outbound e-mail to be available from secure, mirrored data stores to end-users via web mail. The web mail alternative allows users to send and receive e-mail from any browser worldwide, ensuring important communication is not lost during crises.

Archiving: Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS stores organizations e-mails in duplicate and geographically disparate data centers, thus protecting data against physical loss or corruption.

Pricing and Availability

Webroot Email Security SaaS is currently available for purchase. The solution is available in the US, UK and throughout the Asia Pacific region through Webroot’s newest international office in Sydney, Australia. Partners interested in the new solution, or resellers interested in becoming a partner, should contact Webroot at +44 (0) 870 141 7070. Webroot Email Security SaaS is backed by free local support that includes 24/7/365 access to a robust knowledge base, toll-free telephone access to a knowledgeable staff, and free product and defense updates for the duration of a subscription.

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