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Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus Offers Convenience Through Integrated Protection Against the Internet’s Most Dangerous Threats

BOULDER, CO - October 30, 2006

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti–spyware software for consumer, enterprise and SME markets, today announced the availability of Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus. Developed specifically for consumers seeking an effective, yet easy–to–use program to protect their PCs from the two most damaging types of Internet threats, Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus integrates best–of–breed anti–virus technology from Sophos? into Webroot’s award–winning line of Spy Sweeper anti–spyware products.

Webroot customers can now enjoy a single, easy–to–use interface that is simple to install, provides clear and concise instructions, offers users combined spyware and virus sweep and quarantine options and is backed by an in–house customer support team at no additional charge. Webroot has also engineered Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus to deliver optimal system performance by utilizing the smallest memory footprint possible.

"Our customers have been asking us to develop an anti–virus solution that provides the same level of superior protection offered by our Spy Sweeper products. At the same time, our in–house threat research teams have begun to notice that the defining lines between spyware and viruses are growing increasingly blurred," said C. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. "With the introduction of Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus, we are confident that we are providing our customers with the most advanced protection against the most dangerous types of Internet threats. With the unique combination of superior anti–virus and anti–spyware protection in a single streamlined product, we are giving our customers everything they need and nothing they don’t."

Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus is powered by Phileas V – the next generation of Webroot’s automated spyware research system designed to proactively seek out the most malicious types of spyware and malware. Phileas debuted in January 2005 as the first automated anti–spyware research system and dramatically enhances Webroot’s anti–spyware definition database and detection capabilities. Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus downloads the latest spyware and virus definitions daily to ensure constant protection without any action required by users.

Installation of Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus is easy and quick, allowing users to simply "set it and forget it". Customers can choose from three sweep options: (1) Quick Sweep offers a light sweep that is quick and easy, (2) Full Sweep is a thorough system sweep that scans all files on a computer’s attached drives, or (3) Custom Sweep allows users to sweep based on custom settings so files by folder or extension can be skipped and the computer’s processing power can be optimized based on choice.

A six–time recipient of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award and a multiple winner of PC World’s Best Buy and Best of the Year Awards, Webroot Spy Sweeper has accrued an installed base of millions of users worldwide since the product’s debut in 2002. Spy Sweeper and Spy Sweeper and AntiVirus is backed by free premier support service that includes a 24/7/365 trouble ticket system, toll–free telephone access to a knowledgeable staff, and free product and defense updates for the duration of the product subscription.

Pricing and Availability

Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus is available at major retail outlets and through the company’s website at A one–year single–user subscription is $39.95 and existing Spy Sweeper customers can upgrade to Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus for $10.00. A one–year, three–user family pack subscription is $49.95. Standalone versions of Spy Sweeper will continue to be offered at $29.95 for a one–year subscription.

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