Webroot Named as First Vendor to be Certified by Cloud Industry Forum

BRACKNELL, UK - November 15, 2011

Webroot, the first Internet security service company, has today announced that it has received independent certification from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) for its Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice, announced earlier this week.

The Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice enables participating vendors to promote online confidence and trust in their brand to the end user community. By adopting a set of certifiable criteria, the Cloud Service Provider enables the end user to have a transparent view of the vendors business and the type of services and service levels they can expect from them.

Vendors verified by the CIF are responsible for adhering to the CIF code of conduct covering following appropriate and secure data processing processes, ensuring robust and quality cloud service delivery and being accountable to customers for quality of service and support. Upon authorisation from the CIF, vendors will be able to use the certification logo in all forms of communication with their customers.

Andy Burton, Chairman for the Cloud Industry Forum said," We are pleased to see Webroot step forward as the first vendor to attain certification with many more already following in their footsteps. It is important that key cloud vendors like Webroot are able to demonstrate to their customers the independent validation of their commitment to a quality cloud experience.

The CIF helps leading cloud vendors like Webroot differentiate themselves from those lacking the resources and capability to deliver a secure and robust cloud outcome for the business user. The CIF will aid business' confidence in using cloud applications through educational endorsements and will ensure these organisations have the best chance to maximise benefit and reduce risk in their selection."

Ian Moyse, EMEA Channel Director for Webroot commented, "Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is growing at a phenomenal rate and the Cloud Industry Forum's initiative to assist the customer in identifying and short listing those vendors able to demonstrate a robust, quality and secure cloud service is to be applauded and supported. This certification further validates our commitment to our customers."

About Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is an industry body that champions and advocates the adoption and use of online (cloud-based) services by businesses. The Cloud Industry Forum was established in 2009 as a newly formed self-regulatory and a sub-group of FAST and Investors in Software (FAST IiS) to provide transparency through certification to a Code of Practice for credible online Cloud service providers and to assist end users in determining core information necessary to enable them to adopt these services. The CIF will help end users identify critical information that can aid their selection of Cloud Service Providers.

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