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Spy Sweeper 4.5 Utilizes Behavioral Technology and the Most Advanced Spyware Removal Techniques to Fully Protect Consumers from the Damaging Effects of Spyware

BOULDER, CO - October 11, 2005

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software and other security technologies for consumer and enterprise markets, today released the next generation of its award-winning consumer anti-spyware software. Designed specifically to protect users from the most malicious forms of spyware, Spy Sweeper 4.5 combines the use of Comprehensive Removal Technology (CRT), the most advanced spyware removal technology in the industry, with the superior blocking power of behavior-based Smart Shields.

CRT uses adaptive recognition processes and proactive spyware research to completely eradicate the most debilitating types of spyware from a PC in a single sweep and restore the machine to a stable, pre-infection state. CRT effectively removes some of the most persistent and powerful spyware programs today, including Commonname, LOP, SurfSidekick, VX2/Abetterinternet/Aurora, Elite Keylogger and other sophisticated forms of spyware which use rootkit technology to bury themselves deeply within users' PCs. Using CRT, Spy Sweeper 4.5 is able to detect and remove these devious types of spyware during regular system sweeps. Additionally, Spy Sweeper maintains an extremely low false positive rate - approximately 1:1,000,000 - assuring consumers that they are not removing any essential system operations applications or data that are required for normal PC function.

To compliment these powerful removal capabilities, Spy Sweeper 4.5 also offers new behavior-based, real-time Smart Shields, providing consumers with the widest breadth of proactive blocking protection available.

  • The ActiveX Shield thwarts drive-by downloads and blocks potential spyware threats that use ActiveX components to disguise their installation on your computer.
  • The Spy Communication Shield prevents further spyware infection by blocking incoming and outgoing communication to web sites known to host potential spyware threats and disables spyware programs' ability to re-install during removal.
  • The BHO Shield blocks the installation of Browser Helper Objects - a small program that runs automatically every time a user opens an Internet browser and has the capability to track website activity or install a toolbar or add-on without your consent.
  • The IE Security Shield prevents spyware from adding website entries to your Internet Explorer security settings - which could lead to unwanted downloads and put your personal data at risk.

"The unparalleled combination of CRT and our superior behavior-based Smart Shields represents the next evolution in spyware protection and removal technologies," said C. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. "As spyware purveyors continue to develop new technologies and tactics to speed the proliferation of spyware, the demand for an anti-spyware solution that uses innovative technologies to remain at the forefront of the spyware battle is paramount. Webroot continues to exemplify this dedication to superior technology and protection."

Webroot has also added a host of new usability features to Spy Sweeper 4.5 to further enhance customers' overall user experience. Consumers will enjoy a cleaner look and feel, a new home page that consolidates all important information into a single location and a new risk rating that graphically illustrates the threat level of each spyware trace.

"When we introduced Spy Sweeper three years ago, the majority of consumers had either never heard of spyware or did not understand the damaging effects that it could have on a PC," said Moll. "Since that time our mission has been to educate the public about the ills of spyware and to produce an anti-spyware product that fully protects users in an easy-to-use and non-intrusive manner. Spy Sweeper 4.5 further illustrates our commitment to this mission, and reinforces Webroot's position as the standard by which all other anti-spyware companies are measured."

A three-time recipient of PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award and winner of PC World's Best Buy Award, Webroot Spy Sweeper has accrued an installed base of more than 8 million users since the product's debut in 2002. The product is backed by free premier support service that includes a 24/7/365 trouble ticket system, and toll-free telephone access to a knowledgeable staff.

Pricing and Availability

Spy Sweeper 4.5 supports the following operating systems: Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me and XP Home and Professional. A subscription is $29.95 for one year. Customers with an existing subscription are entitled to free upgrades of Spy Sweeper 4.5. Spy Sweeper is available at major retail outlets and through the company's Web site at

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