Webroot to Showcase Advanced Threat Intelligence for Financial Institutions at SIFMA Tech 2013

Innovative Real-time Cloud Security Intelligence Delivers Online Fraud Prevention to Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats and Complex Malware

Broomfield, CO - June 18, 2013

Webroot, today announced that it is a sponsor of SIFMA Tech 2013 and will exhibit at booth #1839 from June 18-19, 2013 in New York. Webroot security thought leaders will also provide an in-depth look at cloud intelligence and cybersecurity in two speaking engagements on June 19. As more customers access financial services and accounts from personal devices, financial institutions worldwide are utilizing Webroot solutions to improve their online security, protect their customers, and gain access to critical security intelligence to mitigate fraud losses.

Newer and more inventive social-engineering techniques, such as watering hole attacks and spear phishing, are combined with malware attacks to trick banking customers into handing over their financial and personal information. As a result, online banking from a desktop or a mobile device presents a prime opportunity for highly motivated cybercrime, capitalizing on ineffective traditional security approaches and customers with no security in place. Keeping online banking customers, employee devices, and networks safe requires advanced, layered threat protection powered by cloud security intelligence.

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To address these threat vectors, Webroot puts the burden of security in the cloud, not the device, and provides protection against today's modern malware, phishing, and zero day attacks. Webroot helps financial services and e-commerce providers reduce fraud and offer a secure, yet seamless, user experience. In addition, Webroot provides access to collective, global security intelligence that becomes more powerful each time a new user is added.

Highlights of Webroot’s presence at SIFMA Tech include:

  • Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business — Endpoint Protection — Cloud-based endpoint protection that provides advanced real-time security against known and unknown malware. Unlike traditional security solutions, SecureAnywhere installs in seconds, scans in less than two minutes, and never requires security patches or signature updates which consume bandwidth and leave users exposed.
  • Webroot Real-time Anti-Phishing Service — Evaluates URLs requested by users and scores them in real-time for phishing risk. The service was developed specifically to catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose financial institutions to security breaches and data loss.
  • Webroot Web Content Classification Service — With website intelligence over 83+ categories and 300+ million domains, this service significantly improves visibility over all Internet usage, helping banks secure users against existing and emerging threats and increase productivity.
  • Webroot IP Reputation Service — Rather than using static, out-of-date public blacklists, the Webroot IP Reputation Service delivers dynamic IP reputation data in near real-time to network devices. Our sophisticated sensor network generates security intelligence quickly and identifies key IP threats, such as Spam Sources, BotNets, Windows Exploits, Scanners, and others.
  • Learning Labs: Advanced Online Threat Protection — On Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m., Webroot's Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director, will demonstrate a live man-in-the-browser attack and show how Webroot's unique Identity Shield technology can neutralize financial and e-commerce threats.
  • General Session: Cloud Intelligence and Cybersecurity — On Wednesday, June 19 at 2:45 p.m., Webroot's Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director, and Gartner's Avivah Litan, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, will explore the next generation of security services which leverage collective cloud-hosted intelligence to provide real-time protection against modern financial and e-commerce threats.

"For banking and e-commerce providers, maintaining the trust and confidence of customers and employees is critical, so providing the best possible security is paramount," said Jeff Santelices, vice president of Webroot Worldwide Demand Fulfillment. "Financial institutions need solutions that provide coverage across all threat vectors, and Webroot offers a portfolio of cloud security intelligence products that are designed to address these challenges, ensuring that customers, employees, and networks are safe — anywhere. We're excited to be exhibiting at SIFMA Tech and look forward to demonstrating our superior threat analysis and easy-to-deploy security solutions."

To learn how financial institutions worldwide utilize Webroot solutions to improve their online security, visit Webroot at SIFMA Tech booth #1839 or contact StrategicAlliances@Webroot.com or visit http://www.webroot.com/partners/technology-partners/.

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