June 30, 2010 By Andrew Brandt

WoW Expansion Beta Likely to Spawn Phishers, Scams

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Blizzard’s announcement today that they will begin a closed beta-test for the latest expansion pack is likely to generate a lot of excitement among that particularly low breed of online criminals who steal the fruits of other people’s entertainment when they commandeer passwords for other players.

While it’s hard to believe that most players of online games aren’t aware of the profusion of phishing sites attempting to steal logins, the problem clearly isn’t going away, so the warnings remain the same: Keep a close eye on your browser’s Address Bar, and make sure you’re really logging into Blizzard’s Web site, and not some phishing creep’s trap.

If history serves, they’ll try to lure you with false promises of getting access to the beta. Don’t fall for the trap.

(Tip ‘o the hat to Threat Research Analyst Curtis Fechner for the breaking news tip.)

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