Non-executable malicious files and code – Thre@t Reply


.exe, PHP, HTML, and the list goes on. How many different kinds of files and code can potentially infect your PC? Webroot threat research analyst Nathan Collier explains a few of the the types of potentially dangerous files, other than the common executable (.exe) that can be found on a Windows PC and cause harm to it.


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About the Author

Name: Nathan Collier

Nathan was a Senior Threat Research Analyst for Webroot, having been with the company since October 2009.  He started has career working on PC malware, but now spends most of his time in the mobile landscape researching malware on Android devices.  Because of his early adaptation to mobile security, Nathan has seen the exponential growth of mobile malware and is highly experienced in protecting Webroot customers from mobile threats. He also enjoys frequently traveling with his flight attendant wife, Megan, and is a competitive endurance mountain bike racer in Colorado.