May 22, 2012Dancho Danchev By Dancho Danchev

Ongoing ‘LinkedIn Invitation’ themed campaign serving client-side exploits and malware

Remember the ‘LinkedIn Invitations’ themed malware campaign which I profiled in March, 2012?

A few hours, ago, the cybercriminals behind it launched another round of malicious emails to millions of end and corporate users.

More details:

Once the user clicks on the link (hxxp://, a client-side exploit, CVE-2010-1885 in particular, will attempt to drop the  following MD5 on the affected host, MD5: 66dfb48ddc624064d21d371507191ff0

Upon execution the sample attempts to connect to the following hosts:

  • with user and password –, AS50939, SPACE-AS
  • –, AS29568, COMTEL-AS
  • –, AS29568, COMTEL-AS
  • –, AS29568, COMTEL-AS

Another malware with MD5: 4b1fce0f9a8abdcb7ac515d382c55013 is known to have used one of these C&C domains in the past, in particular.

Webroot SecureAnywhere users are protected from this threat.

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