ThreatVlog Episode 5: Vodafone hacked, Super Hacker arrested, and bad GTAV torrents


In this episode of ThreatVlog, Tyler Moffitt talks about the 2 million user hack that Vodafone experienced last week, which investigators are saying is an inside job.  He also goes into the arrest of Superhacker out of Argentina, who turned computers into zombies and was able to steal $50,000 a month from users.  And in big news, Grand Theft Auto V was released today, and already torrents are being discovered packed full of malware and phishing schemes.


About the Author

Name: Tyler Moffitt

Tyler started at Webroot in 2010 as a Front Line Engineer. He has since moved up in positions to Senior Threat Research Analyst. Tyler focuses improving the consumer experience of cleaning an infection by creating database rules, writing blogs, and testing in-house tools. Tyler has a passion for hands on learning and likes to spend his time gathering samples from the wild to test and improve Webroot’s ability to deal with the latest threats.