ThreatVlog Episode 11: Staying safe while doing holiday shopping online


In this edition of the Webroot ThreatVlog, Grayson Milbourne talks about the threats that exist online in the holiday shopping craze. As more and more money is spent online, criminals are becoming more skilled at stealing all sorts of personal information, from credit card numbers to identifying credentials. As with all shopping, common sense is necessary, and with the tips and tricks provided, you will be even more protected while finding that perfect gift online.

About the Author

Name: Grayson Milbourne

Grayson Milbourne is the Security Intelligence Director for Internet security company Webroot. Over the past nine years Milbourne has worked in various areas of the company, spending the past seven years focused on threat analysis. His areas of security intelligence expertise range from mobile to reversing to automation to cloud security. Grayson is also an avid participant in the security community and drives awareness of current threats by speaking at major events such as RSA and Virus Bulletin. Most recently, Grayson has been focusing on the growth of mobile malware and the risks associated with BYOD. Additionally, he writes and provides technical review for the Webroot blog.