Webroot Threat Team Member - Cameron Palan

Cameron Palan

Role: Threat Team Member
Threat Blog Posts: 1

I am a member of the Webroot Threat Research team, and work daily on identifying and classifying malicious software in its many forms. This includes, but is not limited to, reverse engineering, examining trends in software or data, using advanced malware research tools, gathering live samples, and testing malware.

Posts by Cameron Palan:

Mobile Security 2014: Predictions


The most recent and interesting threats we see are more or less “evolved” forms of previous threats, including those originating from the PC side. People have been “spoofing” parts of apps, such as code, appearance, or digital certificates, since Android malware first started appearing. The MasterKey exploit was a whole new way to modify the app without even having to spoof anything (since this was the exploit which allowed applications to be changed without invalidating the existing digital signature). It’s also very interesting to see how threats like Zitmo or RAT-type apps seem to get better and better at mirroring […]

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