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Inside a clickjacking/likejacking scam distribution platform for Facebook

by Dancho Danchev

How would you convert Facebook users into slaves participating in clickjacking and likejackings scams, next to using them to spamvertise your latest event promotion message?

Presumably by using one of the clickjacking/likejacking distribution platforms promising 100 slaves per day that I will profile in this post.

The so called “Spreading System” is currently advertised as selected cybercrime-friendly communities, and is offered for sale for the price of $34, including support and managed crypting service for the malicious executables. Moreover, it also offers guaranteed bots,  fully undetected bot binaries, a lifetime host, and hundreds of Facebook fans.

It’s being advertised as:

Spreading system its used to spread your viruses fully viral. Many members ask me how many slaves do I get with this, let me tell you guys you can get houndreds of slaves if you spread in the right away. After you purchase you get the script to install on your hosting account, or I can host it on my servers, see the packages. This involves Facebook spreading, the biggest social website, olso if you chose the ADVANCED PAKAGE you get 2000 clicks for your website.

Templates for the spreading mechanism include a bogus “New Facebook Timeline profile” video:

next to a fake Adobe Flash Player update screen:

With clickjacking and likejacking scams proliferating across the most popular social networking site Facebook, malicious attackers are constantly looking for new ways to scam Facebook’s user base. On the majority of occasions, they monetize their campaigns by displaying additional ads, and forwarding users to paid surveys. What’s particularly dangerous about the “Spreading System” is that is involves the spreading of executable files, to further disseminate the campaign across the social networking site.

Monitoring of the service is ongoing. Updates will be posted as soon as they update their cybercrime underground market proposition.

You can find more about Dancho Danchev at his LinkedIn Profile. You can also follow him on  Twitter.

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