Monthly Archives: February 2012

Twitter adds HTTPS support by default

February 15, 2012By Blog Staff

On Monday, Twitter announced that it’s introducing support for secure HTTPS connections to all users by default. More details:

Pharmaceutical scammers launch their own Web contest

February 10, 2012By Blog Staff

What are pharmaceutical scammers up to? From active participation in black hat search engine optimization campaigns, to spamvertising of bogus links — including QR Codes — and compromising of web sites with high page rank…read more

Researchers spot Citadel, a ZeuS crimeware variant

February 8, 2012By Blog Staff

Security researchers from “Tracking Cyber Crime” have spotted a new ZeuS crimeware variant, that’s based on the leaked ZeuS source code from last year. Dubbed Citadel, the crimeware is positioned as a universal…read more

A peek inside the Smoke Malware Loader

February 3, 2012By Blog Staff

The competitive arms race between security vendors and malicious cybercriminals constantly produces new defensive mechanisms, next to new attack platforms and malicious tools aiming to efficiently exploit and infect as many people as possible….read more

Research: Google’s reCAPTCHA under fire

February 1, 2012By Blog Staff

Who needs automated bots solving CAPTCHAs, when you have teams of low-waged humans recognizing them for pennies? In an underground cybercrime ecosystem dominated by managed services and countless outsourcing opportunities, it’s fairly logical…read more