By Dancho Danchev

Fraudsters are currently spamvertising tens of thousands of emails enticing users into installing rogue, potentially unwanted (PUAs) casino software. Most commonly known as W32/Casonline, this scam earns revenue through the rogue online gambling software’s affiliate network.

More details:

Sample screenshots of the landing URLs:

Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline_02 Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline_03 Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline_04 Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline_05 Email_Spam_Fake_Rogue_PUA_Casino_Casonline_01

Spamvertised URLs:
hxxp:// –
hxxp:// –
hxxp:// –
hxxp:// –
hxxp:// –

We’re also aware of the following MD5s that have also phoned back to the same IP (
MD5: 900a689eb4be4efc838b3030be7635ab
MD5: 6522922216d8a3f3db232e4db86f93ff
MD5: b1baf3cedb5ccfd0ec4d547765928142
MD5: a98aa48b53938e74c8cb8edde5f1fadd
MD5: 79fbb5176d534a1e7329f323e8441bf7
MD5: 4ddf626ffc8b0273bece32a28194df5a
MD5: 9a6047f825ce6a07a3ace527b06b57fc
MD5: 4047e9a75346f225edfeedd4d3b0e2ee
MD5: ce32189e16bfe9467daefd2a0244711f
MD5: 8c0ce385200267f36a16cd030e086ef3
MD5: f42a01cd4aab337211329477a64e4d52
MD5: 692a99608cbf87ec77f3a1aea7dc3ce9
MD5: b51690ae96a5bf5fb02d189ec505cb6b

Detection rates for the spamvertised PUA executables:
AllJackpots.exeMD5: c27e1850653ab524612abb367fbb9bc8 – detected by 8 out of 47 antivirus scanners as Win32/PrimeCasino; Riskware/CasOnline
SpinPalace.exeMD5: 9a7b039e923e92e9a0923a2ecf758daa – detected by 4 out of 47 antivirus scanners as W32/Casino.P.gen!Eldorado; HV_CASINO_CB240086.TOMC
luckynugget.exeMD5: 829f4f750f40ec83d73b9db025c0f08f – detected by 2 out of 47 antivirus scanners as GAME/Casino.Gen;
reefclubcasino.exeMD5: 5f732fe8e005639a786753fd32d413a2 – detected by 2 out of 47 antivirus scanners as Skodna.Casino.DG
AllSlots.exeMD5: 0b582fc2171880291107eb724d5fd7bf – detected by 2 out of 47 antivirus scanners as GAME/Casino.Gen; W32/Casino.P.gen!Eldorado

We advise users to avoid interacting with any kind of content distributed through spam messages, especially clicking on any of the links found in such emails.

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