Malware-infected hosts with clean IP reputation have always been a desirable underground market item. On the majority of occasions, they will either be abused as distribution/infection vector, used as cash cows, or as ‘stepping stones’, risk-forwarding the responsibility, and distorting the attribution process, as well as adding an additional OPSEC (Operational Security) layer to the campaign of the malicious attacker.

A newly launched ‘malware-infected hosts as stepping stones’ service, is offering access to Socks5-enabled malware hosts, located primarily in the United States, allowing virtually anyone to route their fraudulent/malicious traffic through these hosts.

More details:

Sample screenshots listing the ‘infected-hosts inventory’ of the service:

Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_01 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_02 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_03 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_04 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_05 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_06 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_07 Malware_Infected_Hosts_Service_Proxy_Proxies_Buy_Sell_Purchase_United_States_US_08

The service is also offering a Jabber based bot for interacting with it. The prices are as follows:

  • 150 socks 5 enabled hosts for 1 month – $25
  • 300 socks 5 enabled hosts for 1 month – $40
  • 600 socks 5 enabled hosts for 1 month – $50
  • 900 socks 5 enabled hosts for 1 month – $60
  • 1500 socks 5 enabled hosts for 1 month – $90

The concept of using malware-infected hosts as stepping stones has been around for years, empowering virtually everyone to engineer political/cyber tensions between multiple nations, taking into consideration the fact that any given attack pattern can be made to look like as if it’s originating from a specific country, thanks to the commercial availability of these services.

We expect to continue observing a steady supply of such services, in particular the inevitable re-emergence of the ‘on demand’ market concept, allowing the easy acquisition of Socks 5 enabled hosts in any given country that’s requested by the customer.

You can find more about Dancho Danchev at his LinkedIn Profile. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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