The emergence and sophistication of DIY botnet generating tools has lowered the entry barriers into the world of cybercrime. With ever-increasing professionalism and QA (Quality Assurance) applied by cybercriminals, in combination with  bulletproof cybercrime-friendly hosting providers, these tactics represent key success factors for an increased life cycle of any given fraudulent/malicious campaign. Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed the adoption of multiple bulletproof hosting infrastructure techniques for increasing the life cycle of campaigns,with a clear trend towards diversification, rotation or C&C communication techniques, and most importantly, the clear presence of a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) type of pragmatic mentality; especially in terms of utilizing HTTP based C&C communication channels for botnet operation.

In this post, I’ll discuss a managed botnet setup as a service, targeting novice cybercriminals who are looking for remote assistance in the process of setting up the C&C infrastructure for their most recently purchased DIY botnet generation tool. I’ll also discuss the relevance of these services in the content of the (sophisticated) competition, that’s been in business for years, possessing the necessary know-how to keep a customer’s fraudulent/malicious campaign up and running.

Sample screenshot of the (international) underground market proposition:


For the static amount of $50, the cybercriminal behind the managed botnet setup service will configure, register HTTP based C&C domains, as well as host them for one year, and currently supports 11 different DIY malware/botnet generating tools. The service’s value proposition is similar to that of a recently profiled managed bulletproof hosting service for malicious Java applets, in terms of lacking the necessary know-how and experience to ensure smooth (cybercriminal) operations. Does a cybercriminal need to take advantage of one of the market leading (Russian) bulletproof cybercrime-friendly services in order to increase the life cycle of his campaigns? Not necessarily, as the botnet generating tools offered by this service can be best described as ‘beneath the radar‘ botnets, that is, small botnets that rarely make the news headlines.

We expect to continue observing similar (international) underground marketplace propositions, with more cybercriminals realizing the market segment potential for products and services targeting novice cybercriminals exclusively.

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