Mobile World Congress is the biggest tech show focusing on, wait for it, mobile technology in the world. With many of the big announcements having occurred at the beginning it’s time for us to look and see all the amazing technology that came out of vendors new and old.  While this is not the end all, be all of the highlights, and one more day left to the show, we can expect the biggest reveals have occurred.

Google Goes Mobile

It has been no secret that Google has been taking over not only what we access on the web, but how we access, and announced that they will be starting to experiment with the ‘Nexus’ of mobile providers for US cell service.  What does this mean?  Well, if we take Google Fiber as any sort of baseline in service, we will see amazing pricing and high speeds on reliable mobile networks if they decide to go full scale.  Utilizing existing infrastructure, Google is hoping to drive the wireless network towards the future with innovation and competition.  Full details have not been released, but the experiment is expected to start providing this year.

New Phones. Everywhere.

While Sony did not launch their new flagship phone, catching many by surprise, HTC, Silent Circle, and Samsung took the opportunities to announce their newest, top of the line phones.  The HTC M9 packs in more technology to their familiar M8 phone design, including a new 20MP camera and Dolby Audio surround sound.  The Blackphone 2 from Silent Circle is the newest security-focused smartphone with better speed, battery, and Enterprise level integration possible.  And then there is the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is featuring a full range of top-of-the-line technology, a sleek new metal design, but surprisingly lacking the removable battery and SD card slot that set the Galaxy line apart in the past.

Wearables Get Style

Smart watches are cool, and with the Apple Watch coming soon alongside the already available Samsung, LG, and Motorola devices, but style has not always been the selling point.  Huawei stepped up the standard though with a gorgeous smart watch, running on the Android Wear OS.  Less bulky than the Moto 360 and the Gear S, it looks like a watch for every day wear and use.  Other companies, such as LG, released their updates to the smart watches, bringing more functionality to the line and hopefully taking the usefulness to the next level.

Light As Air Tablets

While Sony did not release a new flagship phone, they did surprise everyone with the Xpreia Z4 Tablet, a slim, fast Android 5.0 powered entertainment device.  Clearly going after the iPad devices, it packs in awesome performance surrounding a waterproof device and great battery, and even includes a keyboard attachment for the business crowd.

So while the show hasn’t been security focused, with the release of the new smartphones such as the Blackphone 2, as well as other devices, we know that mobile connectivity is still growing.  And with that growth will come the unique security challenges that will keep users safe worldwide.

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