Cybercrime. Remember the days when cybercrime was a word only super nerds and fans of the hilariously bad 1995 film Hackers used to say? No longer. You can hardly go a week without reading about the latest data breach, exploit, or hacktivist plot.

Back in the day, cybercriminals used to primarily fall under the lone wolf category, writing scripts and hunting for exploits without sharing their techniques, because if they did, it might cut into their profits. But, in the last few years, cybercrime has shifted from strings of unrelated, uncoordinated attacks—the digital equivalent of a bank robbery or a mugging—to highly calculated, business-like maneuvers determined to maximize revenue and get the hackers’ branding out there.

It isn’t just businesses that are suffering from these well-planned attacks, either. Even people with no affiliation to the companies suffering from data breaches are having their identities and payment information stolen.


The FTC has seen growth in the last several years in reported cases of identity theft and payments fraud among consumers, with the costs also rising each year. With cybercriminals banding together to exploit the masses, it’s time consumers did the same.

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