As 2015 comes to an end, we all look back at the huge list of big-name data breaches that occured, from passwords revealed to full on dating identities. It was not a pretty year for companies with lacking security protocols to say the least. And while we can sit here and delve into what happened, as a security company we must continue looking forward to what is going to happen next. Lessons were learned in 2015, but there is still going to be breaches, security problems to be solved, and as technology advances, so will the vectors for attack.

To look forward, to continue preparing, we here at Webroot have works on a list of our top 4 security predictions for 2016.

  1. People Push Back:  Tools that prevent unintentional data collection – such as cookie blockers, microphones, malicious advertisements, and camera blockers – will be increasingly adopted by consumers. Many of these tools block ads indiscriminately which will have an impact on legit sites ability to fund themselves. Consumers will also require web companies to disclose consumer data use and how it is being protected.
  1. Increased Attacks on IoT Devices: As more common items add connectivity for convenience, and thus become part of the IoT, it is expected that hackers will take advantage of poorly implemented security. Weaknesses in passwords, firmware updates and the storage of user specific data make IoT devices a prime target and attacks against these devices will increase in 2016.
  1. More Breaches: Cybercriminals will double down on phishing attacks – whether via telephone, texts, tweets, Instagram, Snapchat and other social avenues. With rapid growth on the rise in 2015, attackers will create remote sessions into PCs disguised as a trusted account vendor.  Also, reps from fraudulent sites will offer support which results in a remote connection and users’ systems getting compromised.
  1. 2016 Presidential Elections: There will be a spike in cybercriminal activity that exploits the 2016 US presidential elections and causes mass disruption. The attacks will include spam emails, campaign donation scams, fake election sites and telephone-based threats, which have been on the rise in 2015. Attacks will target social media and will increase in activity as the election night approaches. As a result, candidates will need to be more security-aware than ever before.

With these in mind, this is not the limit of what we will see but more of the avenues that we feel will have the biggest impact on the global threat landscape. What predictions fo you have for this coming year? Share your ideas in the comment box below.

Grayson Milbourne

About the Author

Grayson Milbourne

Sr. Intelligence Director

Grayson Milbourne is the Security Intelligence Director at Webroot, Inc., part of OpenText Security Solutions, where he has worked for the past 17 years. In his current role, Grayson works to support the Product Management team to ensure Webroot products are effective against today’s most advanced threats.

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