Why wait for news on the next big thing in technology, when you can get a sneak peek at the hottest, up-and-coming consumer tech and innovations at CES 2017? For the last 50 years, the yearly CES event has served as a showcase and springboard for the latest advancements in tech as they enter the marketplace.

But, before your gobble up the newest, smartest gadgets, it’s important to consider their implications for our overall security. Here are some things we’re thinking about in preparation for this year’s event.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Devices of all types keep getting smarter and the number of connections between them grows in size and variety. The “Internet of Things,” isn’t just a sci-fi movie fantasy anymore—it’s here, and it raises some serious concerns.

Hypothetically speaking, if my phone were connected to my fridge and other appliances, my thermostat, my home security system, and even my car, what would happen if a hacker stumbled across a vulnerability in my toaster’s firmware? Could they lift my banking credentials? Or stop my car’s engine while I’m on my commute? Sure, it might sound unlikely or extreme, but you can see how increasing connectedness doesn’t just bring benefits and convenience; it also offers up an assortment of new opportunities for hacks and other cybercrime.

This year’s CES event will address IoT cybersecurity concerns, such as regulations around self-driving cars, what smart thermostats and other advances in the domestic future will bring.

CES Sessions to Consider:

  • The IoT Becomes Personal: Bosch shows how “things” become partners, and covers advanced tech in the areas of connected mobility, industry, smart home, and smart city.
  • Smart Technology for Smarter Cars: Valeo presents its groundbreaking technologies for intuitive, clean, and connected driving.
  • Next Big Thing: Smarter Homes for Everyone: From urban apartments to country mansions to smart cities, this talk discusses the technology at the heart of it all, and how close to this future we really are.
Architecting Smart Cities

Many organizations around the world are working on solutions to help make smart cities even smarter; more energy efficient, more comfortable, and more automated. Unfortunately, a lot of these innovations can suffuse city networks and the devices connected to them with cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

For more information about smart cities and their implications, the CES panel Smart Cities, Smart States, Smart Mobility will discuss the symbiotic relationship cities and mobility have enjoyed for centuries while considering the societal promises that connected technologies offer.

Additionally, to raise awareness and connect organizations working to address these vulnerabilities, CES 2017 will be launching The Smart Cities Hackathon, where developers, makers, and smart cities specialists can collaborate on solutions for sustainability, safety, and efficiency.

Hackathon participants will get to play with:

  • Amazon Alexa Skills Kit
  • IBM Watson Cognitive and Bluemix APIs
  • Intel’s Grove IoT Dev Kit
  • Honeywell’s Connected Home API
  • UL’s Safety Index
  • Open Data from the City of Las Vegas
  • Other leading IoT technologies TBA
Technology Rising Stars

In addition to various security concerns, we can’t forget that CES is a smorgasbord of new technology. Seasoned techies and n00bs alike, be sure to check out the 2017 Tech Trends to Watch session for a guided tour through key trends and emerging technologies, as well as how the Internet of everything, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, wearables, and more are shaking up everything we take for granted.

Other sessions to consider:

  • Last Gadget Standing: Yahoo! Tech’s David Pogue and his team of experts, along with the audience, predict which product on the CES show floor that’s destined for greatness.
  • Mobile Apps Showdown: App producers will have just 4 minutes to demo their app before judges, both on and offline, will identify the winner. Bonus: this year, CES is introducing the 10under20: Young Innovators to Watch!
  • Extreme Tech Challenge: The Extreme Tech Challenge is the world’s largest startup competition, and identifies emerging leaders with the potential to dominate their markets.

There will be a lot to take in at CES 2017, and we look forward to hearing about the newest advances technologies, as well as how we can all collaborate to continue building a smarter, more secure future for everyone.

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