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May 14, 2017Blog Staff By Blog Staff

Second WannaCry wave spreads the globe

As the second wave of WannaCry spreads across the globe, the latest estimate from the leading European police agency Europol suggests the malware has hit over 200,000 victims over 150 countries.  You can catch up on some of the latest news here.

Although a second kill switch has been identified and registered today, there is no certainty that this second kill switch will address all malware variants. Europol continues to recommend that one of the best defenses is to take advantage of the patches released by Microsoft.

Webroot currently has strong protection in place for WannaCry, and has already reviewed and fortified its protection and detection routines to protect its users against future variants that may appear.

As Webroot sees every new executable file introduced on systems where Webroot SecureAnywhere is installed, we get rapid insight into all types of new malware.  This allows us to quickly create and/or improve upon our best-in-class detection mechanisms for zero day threats.

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  1. do you have a seminar will going to conduct in Singapore country to those using webroot antivirus?

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