Mike Potts, CEO & President
September 25, 2017Mike Potts By Mike Potts: President and CEO

Thoughts from Webroot’s new President & CEO, Mike Potts

I’m delighted to join the Webroot team officially today as CEO. We helped define the cybersecurity field in our first 20 years, but I believe our best days are ahead. With this introductory post, I thought I’d let you know where I intend to focus in my first months at Webroot, with the goal of taking our customers, partners, and company to the next level of success.

Thanks to an extraordinary team, Webroot is in a great place today. We lead the market with cloud-based solutions that set the standard for endpoint and network protection, threat intelligence, and now security awareness training. Our solutions provide essential protection for the connected world from an ever-growing number of malicious threats. We have the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry and achieved 14 consecutive months of double-digit growth.

That’s an outstanding foundation to build upon. Over the next several months, I’ll focus on People, Process, and Technology as I work to accelerate our momentum in innovation and customer success.

Our cyber community

People will always come first, both the Webroot team and our customers and partners. We’ll continue to invest in recruiting and developing the best talent. Our team has more experience in applying advanced machine learning to the challenges of cybersecurity than anyone, and we’ll continue to push the envelope on using that intelligence to solve the issues that are most impactful to our customers.  I plan to visit many of our business customers in the coming weeks, to understand how we could be doing better today, and how we can build our businesses together.

Process at scale

My focus on process will be about scale. You’ll quickly find that I believe in the value and leverage of working with partners. We have a great footprint with MSPs serving small- and medium-sized businesses today that we will continue to strengthen. We also have strategic technology partners embedding our threat intelligence in their products, and there is potential for many more.  Moreover, I’ll push the team to generate even more innovation, introduce it faster, and to more customers than we have before, while holding true to our core company values of integrity, innovation, excellence, and customer success.

Advancing technology

Finally, I will focus on technology. We disrupted the market with our revolutionary Webroot SecureAnywhere endpoint solutions and our threat intelligence. Since then, we’ve extended our protection to the network layer and added user training to address the last line of defense. I want to ensure we continue to build on this legacy, and just as importantly anticipate the next great market shift.

While new to Webroot, I’m not new to the cybersecurity and technology space. I have been leading companies in the application and security sectors for the past 25 years. Before Webroot, I served as an integration executive in the security business group at Cisco, following the acquisition of my company Lancope in 2015. As president and CEO of Lancope, my team and I led the transformation of the network security company, driving over 600 percent growth in five years. Prior to Lancope, I served as president and CEO of AirDefense and changed the game in wireless security. AirDefense was then acquired by Motorola. With this background and the great Webroot team, I feel we are prepared to do something truly special. Webroot is by far the healthiest company I’ve ever had a chance to lead from day one, so I foresee even greater potential for us!

I look forward to meeting our customers, partners, and advocates in the coming months, and have you all join in this next great chapter of Webroot history.


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7 Responses to Thoughts from Webroot’s new President & CEO, Mike Potts

  1. Hope for the best. So far customer service and technical support seemed to be out of steam with not much interest in following up or helping.

    • What issue are you currently experiencing, Emil?

      Please send me an email with more information and I’ll be glad to make sure our Support Team follows up with you.

    • I know how you feel. I renewed my subscription back in July and continue to get renewal emails. I have even written emails to Webroot Support about this issue. I have been told that my renewal was all taken care of, but then again continue to get the “we will miss you” or “If you need us, we are here”. I am just wondering what it takes to correct this issue? In the meantime, my computer has gotten some glitch and my keyboard and mouse won’t work, I can’t get into it. I only have my phone now since my computer took a dive. Ususally, around the time to renew, something happens to my computer. This year I made sure to renew earlier, but it seems like your company has no idea that I renewed since I continue to get email renewal requests.
      This is so irritating and rather scary, since you are my computer security company!

      • Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Teresa.

        These emails are a part of a series to ensure our users’ Protection does not lapse. I’ve gone ahead and brought this up with our Support Team on your behalf to ensure your concerns are addressed.

        We appreciate the opportunity to make things right for you.

  2. Welcome on board!
    Given all your experience, however, it appears that you may be readying Webroot for an acquisition by a bigger player? It would be a sad day if good, double-digit growth, by a small company were not to be sufficient reward to its investors / owners who instead get tempted to be taken over by one of the big boys.
    I hope you keep Webroot independent and resist all temptations to be Borged. Your prior experience suggests otherwise, no disrespect intended, just an observation.

  3. Dear Mike
    I have had Webroot security software installed for years. Great product! I make use of your Password Manager to manage my multitude passwords. I also make use of Webroot’s 2-step verification using Google Authenticator to add additional security. This has worked fantastic until recently when I have had to get a new cell phone resulting in the 2-step verification no longer working.

    On 21 January I logged a ticket titled “Using Google auhenticator” with your company. To date I have no solution or commitment from your technical team to resolve the issue – all this whilst I am not able to access my Password Manager.

    Your technical team gave me the following ridiculous solution:
    1. Click “reset” for all my passwords on every site I logon to (totally impractical. Evene if I will do this I still cannot access the Password manager to enter the new passwords)
    – OR –
    2. Wipe out ALL my passwords in the password manager and re-enter everything. Now to do this I need all y passwords which I cannot get access to since I do not remember 100 or so passwords.
    Both are unacceptable.

    The impact is:
    1. I am unable to access the Password Manager due to the failure of the 2-step verification
    2. The Password Manager does not automatically fill out my login screens when I log in
    3. I have to reset all my passwords on every site I logon to

    I have even spoken to a technical manager (presumably) called Colin to help, but still no solution.

    I’ll appreciate your urgent help.

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