Top 10 Nastiest Ransomware
October 31, 2017Tyler Moffitt By Tyler Moffitt: Sr. Threat Research Analyst

Top 10 Nastiest Ransomware Attacks of 2017

We’re revealing the top 10 nastiest ransomware attacks from the past year. NotPetya came in on our list as the most destructive ransomware attack of 2017, followed closely by WannaCry and Locky in the number two and three spots, respectively. NotPetya took number one because of its intent to damage a country’s infrastructure. Unlike most ransomware attacks, NotPetya’s code wasn’t designed to extort money from its victims, but to destroy everything in its path.

While NotPetya and WannaCry were first uncovered in 2017, the other ransomware attacks on our top 10 list made their debuts last year. These attacks either continued into 2017 or returned with a vengeance.

This top 10 list underscores the reality of our increasingly connected world—cybercriminals will continue to develop new infections and will capitalize on reliable, successful attack methods.



To view our Top 10 Nastiest Ransomware infographic, click here.

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30 Responses to Top 10 Nastiest Ransomware Attacks of 2017

  1. Ive only heard of some of these before so its good to see the names and what they were to be more aware of whats going on

  2. Users are the first weakness, our mission is to help user not to make mistake, or if they do we’ll make less damage

  3. So far we have not had to fight any of these attacks. Hoping to keep it that way! Check those backups and endpoints for protection!

  4. Definitely user training is a great deterrent; however, a layered approach to anti-virus built around Webroot is just as important.

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