Cyber News Rundown: 2017 Year in Review
December 11, 2017Connor Madsen By Connor Madsen: Threat Research Analyst

Cyber News Rundown: 2017 Year in Review

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the 10 most significant (or simply the most devastating) cybersecurity stories of the year. Read through the list below to see which attacks, data breaches, and other events left a lasting impact on the security industry and the global online community overall.

Which story meant the most to you or your business? Let us know in the comments below!











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23 Responses to Cyber News Rundown: 2017 Year in Review

  1. I’ve heard a lot about key logging tools being built into the drivers from vendors, although this has yet to become ‘breaking news’, it’s a good indication that IT is becoming more security orientated.

  2. With all of these breaches, it doesn’t appear these large companies are doing anything to bolster their security. Equifax hacked? Let’s tell people to just freeze their credit, not fix the core issue that SSN and other verification is not designed for todays age and needs to be replaced with more secure measures.

  3. All of these major security breaches that have occurred this year have only strengthened our company’s need to make sure we are secure. Especially in the type of business we’re in, its imperative that we are PCI compliant. Nothing seems to be safe 100% and it takes best practices and great vendors like Webroot to keep us secure.

  4. Wannacry seems the biggest scramble this year. I don’t think many regular users grasped the potential of the massive data leaks – a much more invasive problem over the coming years.

  5. Equifax. Even though I’m not USA based, it seems an outright scandal what power and neglect they seem to be getting away with. And the other credit agencies.

  6. If I had been responsible for a breach of client data, I would have been sued, fined, etc. Equifax compromises my data and what do I get? A one (1) year free service to lock & monitor my account! Just doesn’t seem right.

  7. Equifax and Wannacry are the scariest ones from 2017. All of these breaches reveal that the world is still not properly prepared to properly defend against attacks.

  8. Some of these make me wonder how the business is still in business. Especially the ones that knew they were compromised and did not let their customers know.

  9. Excellent info thanks for posting this information! Mobel attacks can be a really big problem! Safety on mobel devices is really needed. Webroot is very helpful.

  10. Sometimes my webroot and window defender gets turned off by a virus. How can I re-activate them? Lately, every time I seek help from Geek Squad I get message they are busy and I have to wait for hours to get help. Why can’t more techs be hired if more people are seeking GeekSquad help?

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