Spamvertised ‘Temporary Limit Access To Your Account’ emails lead to Citi phishing emails


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Cybercriminals are currently spamvertising a fraudulent email campaign impersonating Citi, using ‘Temporary Limit Access To Your Account‘ themed emails as a social engineering attempt to trick end users into clicking on the link found in the phishing emails.

More details:

Subject: Temporary Limit Access To Your Account

Spamvertised message: Dear Client,CitiBank Temporary Limit Access To Your Account.Reason: 1.Unauthorized login attempts.2.Billing failure.We require you to complete an account update so we can unlock your account.To start the Unlock process click on: hxxp:// you have completed this process, we will send you an email notifyingthat your account is available again. After that you can access your accountonline at any time.NB:Failure to provide required information will lead to account suspension automaticallyfrom Our online database.Sincerely,Citibank Customer Services.

Spamvertised URL: hxxp://

Upon clicking on the link, users are exposed to a fraudulent Citibank themed web site, requesting their accounting data:

For the time being, only Google Safebrowsing’s initiative has flagged the web site as a phishing one.

Webroot SecureAnywhere customers are protected from this threat.

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Spamvertised 'Temporary Limit Access To Your Account' emails lead to Citi phishing emails by


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Name: Dancho Danchev
Role: Retired ThreatBlog Member

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Dancho Danchev is an internationally recognized security blogger, cybercrime researcher, and a public speaker.  He’s been an active security blogger since 2006, maintaining a popular security blog, where he shares detailed analyses of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) of malicious and fraudulent adversaries.

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Spamvertised 'Temporary Limit Access To Your Account' emails lead to Citi phishing emails by