ThreatVlog Episode 12: Top Cyber Threats of 2013


In the latest ThreatVlog from Webroot, threat researcher Marcus Moreno discusses the top threats that affected the vyber world in 2013. From breaches to crypto-locks, we have seen some very malicious code run around out there, but these three take the cake.

About the Author

Name: Marcus Moreno

Marcus has always had a fascination with computers and electronics in general. His first encounter with cyberspace was in the 90’s when he was first introduced to Prodigy Net and has stayed connected since. His first tech job was soon after high school at IBM working as an interpreter for Spanish speakers in Mexico and Puerto Rico. While displaying his ease of learning and desire to helping others, he was then promoted to remote desktop technician. After a few years at IBM, Marcus then worked with Northrop Grumman as a network administrator.

Marcus appreciates the fast paced, challenging, yet enjoyable work of threat research. He is driven by his passion for computers and the innovative company he works for.