DDoS attack on Dyn cripples the internet

October 21, 2016By Marcus Moreno

  A portion of the internet went down after suffering a crippling blow from a series of global attacks on a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company, called Dyn. Major websites including Twitter, Reddit,…read more

Malware as a Service: As Easy As It Gets

March 31, 2016By Marcus Moreno

    If you’ve ever been infected with serious malware, you may have assumed the culprit is a person sitting in the basement of their mom’s house, or a small group of people…read more

ThreatVlog Episode 12: Top Cyber Threats of 2013

December 17, 2013By Marcus Moreno

In the latest ThreatVlog from Webroot, threat researcher Marcus Moreno discusses the top threats that affected the vyber world in 2013. From breaches to crypto-locks, we have seen some very malicious code run…read more