What is a computer virus?

October 21, 2015By Dan Para

It is a long-standing joke that if you do a web search on any medical symptom, it will always lead to a web diagnosis of cancer. In the same manner, searching for any…read more

Tech Support Scams Continue

October 14, 2015By Dan Para

We’re regularly asked about phone calls from “Microsoft” claiming that your computer is infected, and whether or not it is a scam – it is. Sometimes it’s a call from another “tech support”…read more

Avoid Unwanted Applications

October 7, 2015By Dan Para

Has your home page changed? Are you getting pop-up ads that are “Provided by” some company you’ve never heard of? Are your search results coming from a different search engine? Welcome to the…read more

The most difficult question in computer security

September 30, 2015By Dan Para

Whenever I think of security awareness, there is one question that haunts me: How do we educate the not-so-technically inclined about security? It seems like a simple enough question, we know the basic…read more

Security Advice is fundamentally the same

September 9, 2015By Dan Para

Thinking back on the changes in what we like to call the “threat landscape” over the years, a lot has changed. From the days of actual viruses and worms spreading their way through…read more

How to avoid unwanted software

September 18, 2013By Dan Para

We’ve all seen it; maybe it’s on your own computer, or that of a friend, your spouse, child, or parent. Your home page has been changed to some search engine you’ve never heard…read more

How not to install Adobe Flash Player

June 11, 2013By Dan Para

It seems simple enough, I want to install Adobe Flash Player so I search for “flash player download and click on the first result, right? Ignoring the second link which doesn’t have a…read more