According to independent sources, the author of the most popular web malware exploitation kit currently dominating the threat landscape, has recently issued yet another update to the latest version of the kit v1.2.2.

More details:

According to the independent reports, here’s what the latest update has introduced in the BlackHole exploit kit:

  • Java OBE + Java Rhino is now in a obedeny exploit Java Pack
  • Significantly improved otstuk through the Java hook
  • Your files are protected from AV companies pumping
  • Internal optimization of exploits

This is the second update issued for the exploit kit in recent months, following December 2011’s introduction of the CVE-2011-3544 exploit in the kit.

The BlackHole web malware exploitation kits is currently the most observed exploit kit currently used by cybercriminals, mostly due to the constant updates issued for the kit.

End users are advised to ensure that they’re not surfing the Web using outdated third-party applications, and browser plugins.

Webroot security researchers will continue monitoring the latest developments around the BlackHole exploit kit to ensure that Webroot SecureAnywhere customers are protected from this threat.

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