Monthly Archives: May 2012

A peek inside a boutique cybercrime-friendly E-shop

May 8, 2012By Blog Staff

The vibrant cybercrime ecosystem is populated by a diverse set of market players. From sellers, to buyers and vendors, sophisticated cybercriminals next to novice cybercriminals, everyone is persistently looking for ways to monetize…read more

Managed SMS spamming services going mainstream

May 7, 2012By Blog Staff

Are you receiving SMS spam? According to the latest reports, millions of mobile users do. The trend is largely driven by what Webroot is observing as an increase in underground market propositions offering…read more

“You Want To Pay For What!?”

May 3, 2012By Blog Staff

by Nathan Collier Recently we found new apps in alternative Chinese markets that we are considering a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA).  We are calling these apps Android.PUA.SMS.QuickPay.  Lets look at a sample of…read more

London’s InfoSec 2012 Event – recap

May 3, 2012By Blog Staff

As many of you know, Webroot attended London’s annual security event — Europe’s largest 3 day security show — last week. The show was a blast! Countless number of new partnerships being formed, dozens…read more