Not fearing prosecution, cybercriminals regularly impersonate law enforcement online in an attempt to socially engineer  end users and corporate users into interacting with their malicious campaigns. From 419 scams, police ransomware, to law enforcement themed malware-serving email campaigns, cybercriminals continue abusing the international branches of various law enforcement agencies.

In this post, I’ll profile a currently spamvertised malware-serving campaign, indicating that the user has “violated red light traffic signal” and that he should download the fake camera recording of his vehicle attached to the email.

More details:

Screenshot of the spamvertised email:

The attached malware with MD5: f6c721f176796bdbde4bef82fdad17e9 is detected by 29 out of 42 antivirus scanners as Trojan:W32/Agent.DTYU; Backdoor.Win32.Androm.dc.

Webroot SecureAnywhere users are proactively protected from this threat.

You can find more about Dancho Danchev at his LinkedIn Profile. You can also follow him on  Twitter.

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