Trust is vital, and cybercriminals know that there’s a higher probability that you will click on a link sent by a trusted friend, not from a complete stranger.

Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends sent me a direct message indicating that his host has been compromised, and is currently being used to send links to a malicious .zip archive through direct messages to all of his Facebook friends.

More details:

Sample screenshot of the spamvertised direct download link:

Same compromised direct URLs used in the direct messages:

All of these redirect to hxxp:// – – AS8560 where the user is exposed to a direct download link of

Detection rate: MD5: dfe23ad3d50c1cf45ff222842c7551ae – detected by 20 out of 43 antivirus scanners as Trojan.Win32.Bublik.iez; Worm:Win32/Slenfbot

Webroot SecureAnywhere users are proactively protected from these threats.

You can find more about Dancho Danchev at his LinkedIn Profile. You can also follow him on  Twitter.

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