A Brief History of Malware

July 15, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

Malware has come a long way in 30 years. Back in the 70s, the idea of malicious software was an interesting thought experiment. What if computer programs could take control of a computer?…read more

Happy Video Game Day 2015

July 8, 2015By Mike Rush

Webroot would like to wish our fellow gamers a happy Video Game Day! To celebrate this epic game playing day, we want to help keep you safe and highlight the top motivation for…read more

The OPM data breach was probably inevitable

June 26, 2015By Richard Melick

Breaches big and small have been in the news, from small organizations losing banking files to global groups like Sony losing seemingly everything to hackers. But with the recent Office of Personnel Management…read more

WhatsApp Spam Emails Making a Comeback

June 1, 2015By Daniel Slattery

In 2013 we shared a series of blog posts about several WhatsApp scams making the rounds redirecting people to pharmaceutical sites and malware. In recent weeks we have seen that these scams have made a…read more


May 6, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

Yesterday in the news we saw a huge spike in the interest of the Rombertik malware. Rombertik infiltrates the computer through email phishing attacks that drop as a .scr screen saver executable that contains the malware that…read more