Cybersecurity plus data protection to help make downtime a thing of the past.

What is cyber resilience?

Think of cyber resilience as digital fitness. It’s a measure of a business’s ability to keep moving forward despite cyber threats. Because cyberattacks and data loss are both inevitable and can easily derail the modern business, they must be accounted for. Together, Webroot and Carbonite provide a range of cyber resilience solutions to keep companies secure and their data protected, so they can serve their customers, employees, and investors regardless of the challenges they face.

Why do businesses need a cyber resilience plan?

Data security can make or break the modern business. With hefty fines for breaches now enshrined in laws like GDPR or CCPA and ransomware regularly being used to extort, maintaining a strong cyber resilience posture is a matter of survival for today’s organizations. And it requires businesses act before a hack happens.

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Custom Cyber Resilience Services

Cybersecurity is the first step toward cyber resilience. But it’s far from the only one. Network security can prevent users from navigating to risky sites. And security awareness training can help avoid one of the most common sources of a data breach: phishing and other social engineering attacks. It’s also important to have a robust data backup and recovery plan in place to defend against theft, hardware failure, accidental deletion, and other unexpected data loss.

Cyber resilience solutions should be custom built for MSPs and their SMB customers, and further tailored to each individual business. Webroot and Carbonite offer a customizable set of solutions including:

Why Webroot + Carbonite

Achieve business continuity
  • Protect against external & internal threats
  • Train users to avoid threats
  • Access data without interruption
Benefit from ease of use
  • Easily implement and manage solutions
  • Control through intuitive consoles
  • Experience purpose-built security and backup
Ensure operational efficiency
  • Preserve profitability through efficacy
  • Offer cost-effective solutions to clients and users
  • Detect react, and recover from breaches and data loss quickly

The Future of Cyber Resilience

Data breaches were up 17% in 2019 and nearly 40% of businesses reported at least one incident in the last three years.1 At the same time, governments across the globe are cracking down on data privacy and the breaches that violate it.

Moving forward, small businesses must have multiple layers of cyber resilience measures in place to ensure they continue to serve customers long into the future.

1. TechRepublic. "Why 40% of privacy compliance tech will rely on AI by 2023." (February 2020)

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