Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cisco releases ‘Cisco Global Threat Report’ for 4Q11

January 29, 2012By Blog Staff

Cisco Systems, recently announced the release of ‘Cisco Global Threat Report’ for 4Q11, containing threat intelligence based on Cisco’s observation of the malicious threat landscape. Key summary points:

A peek inside the uBot malware bot

January 26, 2012By Blog Staff

Participants in the dynamic cybercrime underground ecosystem are constantly working on new cybercrime-friendly releases in the form of malware bots, Remote Access Tools (RATs) and malware loaders. Continuing the “A peek inside…” series,…read more

Researchers intercept a client-side exploits serving malware campaign

January 25, 2012By Blog Staff

Security researchers from Webroot have intercepted a currently active, client-side exploits-serving malicious campaign that has already managed to infect 18,544 computers across the globe, through the BlackHole web malware exploitation kit. More details:

How phishers launch phishing attacks

January 23, 2012By Blog Staff

Just like in every other industry, participants in the cybercrime ecosystem are no strangers to the concept of standardization. Standardization results in efficiencies, which on the other hand results in economies of scale. In…read more

A peek inside the Umbra malware loader

January 20, 2012By Blog Staff

The thriving cybercrime underground marketplace has a lot to offer. From DIY botnet builders, DIY DDoS platforms, to platforms for executing clickjacking and likejacking campaigns, next to drive-by malware attacks, the ecosystem is…read more

How malware authors evade antivirus detection

January 18, 2012By Blog Staff

Aiming to ensure that their malware doesn’t end up in the hands of vendors and researchers, cybercriminals are actively experimenting with different quality assurance processes whose objective is to increase the probability of…read more hacked, 24 million users affected

January 16, 2012By Blog Staff

by Dancho Danchev According to an internal memo issued by Zappos, the shoe-and-apparel-selling division of Amazon has been breached by unknown cyber attackers, leading to the compromised accounts of over 24 million users….read more