FBI says to just pay the ransom

October 28, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

We all know cryptolocker and we all know the toll it’s taken on many individuals and companies. While the original cryptolocker has been shut down since FBI operation Tovar it has not stalled…read more

Mobile Malware – A problem or not?

October 28, 2015By David Kennerley

Recently I was asked to give my thoughts on mobile malware. I was asked this in relation to a number of reports released earlier in the year that were in my view misinterpreted. …read more

Tips for Card Security and Fraud Protection

October 23, 2015By James Garcia

Cyber-criminals love to hit consumers where it hurts, and I’d say the most vulnerable location would have to be our wallets. I frequently receive inquiries asking how a consumer can better secure their credit…read more

What is a computer virus?

October 21, 2015By Dan Para

It is a long-standing joke that if you do a web search on any medical symptom, it will always lead to a web diagnosis of cancer. In the same manner, searching for any…read more