Within the last several years, online threats have continued to evolve at disturbingly high rates, and are more robust than ever before. According to the data we’ve seen across the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, many new attacks are targeted, adaptive (polymorphic) malware variants that appear suddenly in several points across a targeted company’s network and then may never be seen in the same way again. When so many threats are tailor-made and can even be purchased as a service in the criminal networks, traditional, reactive cybersecurity just won’t cut it.

At Webroot, we know the only way to protect businesses and individuals is by understanding our adversary and predicting their next move. That’s why we’ve continued to expand our threat intelligence and integrate it more deeply with our endpoint protection solutions so that new, unknown threats are detected and destroyed as soon as they appear within the networks of any of our customers. This unique, collective protection means that all Webroot customers protect one another. It’s a community of cybersecurity. Our cloud-based threat intelligence is derived from millions of sensors and real-world endpoints around the world to provide proven next-generation endpoint security that can predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats in real time. With 87,000 business customers (and counting) and partnerships with 40 of the industry’s top security vendors, Webroot is the proven choice for defending against modern malware. If you would like to learn more about out Threat Intelligence Platform, see our website.

In view of the tactics modern malware writers and other cybercriminals have adopted, we invite you to join us at the 2016 RSA conference to find out how our next-generation endpoint security solutions protect businesses and individuals in a connected world. To schedule a meeting with us at RSAC, visit www.webroot.com.

Mike Malloy

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Mike Malloy

Executive Vice President, Products & Strategy (former)

Michael Malloy was responsible for providing strategic and tactical direction to Webroot’s product and business organizations. He brought to Webroot more than 30 years of leadership experience with technology and financial services firms.

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