Critical Service Announcement

April 25, 2017By Mike Malloy

UPDATE 4/28/17 2:11 p.m. MDT As a reminder, the repair utility to address the false positive issue that arose on Monday, April 24, is available. The utility will release and restore quarantined applications…read more

Webroot Supports Open Network Insight Project

March 4, 2016By Mike Malloy

  On Monday of this week, Webroot joined Cloudera, the leading provider of modern data management and analytics systems built on Apache Hadoop, in announcing Open Network Insight (ONI) Project, a database and tools…read more

Why 2015 will be the year of cloud attacks

January 9, 2015By Mike Malloy

Several cyber take downs occurred this year when hackers infiltrated Home Depot, Michaels, iCloud, JP Morgan and the list just goes on. And while consumers and companies have been hit hard in 2014,…read more

Symantec’s “AV is Dead” Is Not News

May 8, 2014By Mike Malloy

On Monday, an executive at Symantec declared “AV is dead.” He went on to repeat to several media outlets that protecting customers on their PC and Mac computers had become an impossible battle…read more