Cybersecurity Tips

5 Totally Achievable Resolutions

January 3, 2017By Mike Rush

If you’re anything like me, you probably make a bunch of lofty resolutions every year that you probably won’t, or even can’t, achieve. (For instance, I’ve been promising to hit the gym a…read more

History of Holiday Tech Toys

December 16, 2016By LeVar Battle

Who remembers the Atari 2600? Yeah, I don’t either. Just kidding. Maybe. It’s hard to think about the words tech and toys together before the 1990s. However, they were a thing. Kids of…read more

All Phishing Scams Want for Christmas…

December 7, 2016By LeVar Battle

Corny title aside, ‘tis officially the season for online shopping, and that means a drastic increase in phishing scams. In order to obtain sensitive information from specific organizations and people, these threats have…read more

Top 10 Most Infected States

November 30, 2016By LeVar Battle

The sheer number of cyberattacks lately led us to this question: which states are at the greatest risk of a cyberattack? Naturally, we took it a step further. We looked into data on…read more

Cyber Threat Halloween Prank

October 31, 2016By LeVar Battle

Happy Halloween! To commemorate this annual night of fright, our team wanted to accentuate the unpredictability of cyber threats. What they came up with was not only funny and entertaining, but also serves as a…read more

Female PC gamers and Online Security

February 9, 2016By Blog Staff

In a 2016 survey of 500 PC gamers, Webroot discovered statistically significant differences in the ways that male and female gamers approach internet security, 3rd party modifications, and the way they choose to…read more