Cyber News Rundown: Edition 12/2/16

December 2, 2016By Connor Madsen

  Between a handful of high profile network hacks and the steady stream of ransomware attacks, the last week of November didn’t pull any punches in the constant sparring match that is cybersecurity….read more

Top 10 Most Infected States

November 30, 2016By LeVar Battle

  The sheer number of cyberattacks lately led us to this question: which states are at the greatest risk of a cyberattack? Naturally, we took it a step further. We looked into data…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 11/18/16

November 18, 2016By Connor Madsen

Alarming Number of Sites Still Using SHA-1 Certificates The January deadline for switching over to SHA-2 rapidly approaching. For the vendors that are still lagging behind, they will begin to see browser warnings…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 11/11/2016

November 11, 2016By Connor Madsen

Your online identity is at risk now more than ever. This week’s cyber news update covers the growing threat of online banking attacks and phishing scams across the globe. Tesco Bank Hacked For Millions…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 11/4/2016

November 4, 2016By Connor Madsen

Computer safety has never been more of a necessity, regardless of your location in the world. This week’s cyber news recap spans from Western Europe to Australia, with a variety of threats that everyday…read more

Cyber Threat Halloween Prank

October 31, 2016By LeVar Battle

Happy Halloween! To commemorate this annual night of fright, our team wanted to accentuate the unpredictability of cyber threats. What they came up with was not only funny and entertaining, but also serves as a…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 10/28/2016

October 28, 2016By Connor Madsen

Fake BSOD Lock Screens Popping Up Again In a nod to screen-locking malware from past years, a new variant has arrived that now requests a simple call to support for assistance. Rather than…read more