How a Smart City Stays Safe

February 15, 2017By Thomas Caldwell

The City of San Diego is the 8th largest city in the US and has over 12,000 employees, numerous vendor partnerships, as well as a vast array of diverse systems and devices to protect….read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 2/10/17

February 10, 2017By Connor Madsen

Macros Turn Focus Towards MacOS Researchers have discovered a trend of malicious Microsoft Word documents for MacOS that behave similar to Windows macro infections. The culprits download and execute a malicious payload to…read more

What’s new from Webroot in early 2017?

February 8, 2017By George Anderson

Throughout 2016, many of the attacks and risks in the world of cybercrime followed “analog” crime: holding something for ransom/extortion, propaganda, theft, and identity scams. You might expect a cybersecurity vendor to see…read more

Increasing Profits by Moving to the MSP Model

February 6, 2017By Marya Munir

The benefits of adopting the managed service provider (MSP) business model are compelling. After all, predictable, recurring revenue; deeper engagement with clients; and a trusted advisor relationship that generates further business opportunities all…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 2/3/17

February 3, 2017By Connor Madsen

Hotel Doors Locked By Ransomware A prestigious hotel in Austria was the target of a ransomware attack that left their electronic door locking systems inoperable for several hours. The hack only stopped hotel…read more

Webroot Attends RSAC 2017

February 1, 2017By LeVar Battle

Twitter is buzzing with chatter about the RSA Conference 2017 (RSAC). Attendees, vendors, and speakers alike are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to discuss information security and the latest technology at the largest security…read more

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 1/27/17

January 27, 2017By Connor Madsen

Major Dark Web Marketplace Hacked Recently, a hacker using the alias cypher0007 reached out to AtlasBay, a large dark web market, with information on two significant vulnerabilities that allowed him to access over…read more