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24/7 protection

With automatic renewal, you never have to worry.
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What is uninterrupted protection?

Hackers never take a break, keeping you shielded is our priority. Here’s how that benefits you.

  • Stay protected against new threats that emerge everyday
  • Keep your security up-to-date across your devices
  • Save time – you won’t have to worry about expiration dates, renewal, etc.
  • Got a new device? It's easy to transfer your protection

Has your credit card changed since your last purchase or renewal?

If you received a new card number or wish to use a different card to renew your current subscription, first find your keycode and we’ll guide you through your renewal.

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What Webroot does for you, 24/7:

File Protection

Protects you against
450,000 new threats
that emerge everyday1

URL Protection

Scours 95% of the
3x a day

File Protection

Scans 6x faster than
the competition2

Why customers trust Webroot to stay safe online

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Fast Protection You Can Trust

"Routine background scanning is fast…I mean so fast that it is not even noticed. My experiences with 2 other providers of antivirus and malware protection were that they were frustratingly sluggish, especially when first logging on. It was like night and day switching to Webroot.”

- Webroot User from California

DLP Filters
Very Satisfied Customer For Years

"Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus has kept me and my devices secure for years. That is why I have my account set for automatic review. The value cannot be beat. The customer service is very quick, professional and effective. Thanks."

- Webroot User from El Paso, Texas

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased a Webroot subscription through Best Buy, The Geek Squad or part of Total Tech Support, please reach out to the Webroot Best Buy Assurance Program at 1-800-433-5778 to address any account-related queries as Best Buy manages its Webroot accounts independently and we do not have access to their customer accounts to process automatic renewal cancellations or refunds.

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What if I don't want this?

That's okay. Even though it's the most convenient option, we understand if you prefer to renew on your own terms.

Enter your keycode to remove automatic renewal from your subscription preferences.

Need a refund?

If you had a consumer product that has already been charged for automatic renewal and would like to request a refund, please visit our: online request page.

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