File Security Services

Protect against known and previously unknown malware, enable security analysts to focus on the most serious threats, and free up network bandwidth through automated detection and blocking.

BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection

The vast majority of malware is polymorphic, designed to circumvent traditional security and spread across networks, avoiding capture until after damage is done. BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection integrates with network appliances to identify malware in transit—regardless of the variant or form it takes—in real time, without impacting throughput.

Webroot partners can integrate this technology to identify and eliminate malicious files through byte-by-byte analysis completed in milliseconds—over 500 times faster than traditional sandboxes—and can make determinations without the full file being present.

BrightCloud File Reputation Service

Traditional cybersecurity can’t keep up with the volume and speed of modern malware. Dynamic file intelligence is necessary to effectively stop the distribution of emerging file-based threats. The BrightCloud File Reputation Service provides a real-time lookup of known malicious and whitelisted file identifiers, regardless of file type, name, platform, encryption, or password protection.

With this service, Webroot partners can enable their customers to automatically block known threats, whitelist known good files, and focus research efforts on unknowns. This provides an easy and effective way to focus threat teams and stop emerging threats from distributing through their networks.

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